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It’s a sobering thought that we are more than half-way through the year already but in keeping with some recent posts on reflection, it provides an opportunity to reflect on this, your Staff Library website. 

We’d like to ask all our readers, staff and students,  to respond with ideas, comments, suggestions of themes, topics, resources that might be added to this website before 2012.  There may be technical limitations but we won’t know unless we try.  So please let us have your ideas . . . . videos, podcasts, a particular news feed?? It’s up to you. Please use the comment option below to send your feedback.  Thank you.

Reflective writing skills

For anyone wanting practise in reflective writing, Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have put together some information and resources around creative writing, initially as part of the Year of Writing. 

Writing for reflective practice and personal development’ provides some short exercises based on a book of the same name, written by Gillie Bolton.

  • Click here for information sheet about diaries and journals.
  • Click here for an information sheet on Freewriting.

Please use the feedback option to let us, and other readers know if you found the exercises useful.

Shelf Watch – on reflection

New books are coming in all the time but these two look interesting and might be useful to anyone wanting to develop their reflective skills.

Practising Critical Reflection, Fook, J and Gardner, F  2010
This first one is a handbook which looks at 3 main areas – theory and context, the process of critical reflection and lastly its application.

Developing the Reflective Healthcare Team, Ghaye, T  2005
“This is a book about meaningful learning through the practices of reflection”, and is one of the first to explore how this (the practice of reflection) can be used to develop healthcare teams in order to deliver high quality personalised care.

More from NHS Networks

This report reviews the key workforce risks and opportunities within the nursing and midwifery workforce in 2011 and beyond.
Training in dementia care should be offered to all staff working with older people in the health, social care and voluntary sectors, in line with NICE recommendations, the all-party parliamentary group on dementia has said.
Taking a medicine is the most frequent intervention that patients will use to improve their health.



News from the NHS Network

NHS Network is a website which aims to share ideas through supporting innovation and improvement and promote networking within the health service.

Here are 3 recently published documents which we hope you will find interesting. Paper copies are available in the Library.

7 July 2011
Route to success: the key contribution of nursing to end of life care
The guide highlights the key nursing contributions within the six steps of the end of life care pathway.

7 July 2011
Preventing and controlling healthcare-associated infections
NICE, in partnership with the Health Protection Agency (HPA), is currently developing advice on the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) in secondary care settings as part of a pilot project.

6 July 2011
The RCN’s UK position on health visiting in the early years
The Royal College of Nursing has published evidence of the important role that health visitors play in the lives of children and families.