NEW BOOKS: Nursing – June 2011

Ackley, Betty J. Nursing diagnosis handbook: an evidence-based guide to planning care 2011 616.075
Bach, Shirley Communication and interpersonal skills for nurses 2009 610.730699
Bond, Meg Skills of clinical supervision for nurses: a practical guide for supervisees, clinical supervisors and managers 2010 610.730683
Burns, Nancy Understanding nursing research: building an evidence-based practice 2011 610.73072
Carvalho, Sally Fundamental aspects of legal, ethical and professional issues in nursing 2011 174.29073
Cassedy, Paul First steps in clinical supervision: a guide for healthcare professionals 2010 610.730699
Drolet, Beth A. Birthmarks of medical significance 2010 / October 618.92
Eslick, Guy D. Paediatric chest pain 2010/December 618.92
Griffith, Richard Law and professional issues in nursing 2010 344.420414
Harver, Andrew Asthma, health and society 2010 616.238
Holland, Karen Applying the Roper-Logan-Tierney model in practice 2008 610.73011
Holt, Tim ABC of diabetes 2010 616.412
International conference on harmonisation of technical requirements for registration of pharmaceuticals for human use ICH harmonised tripartite guideline for good clinical practice 1996 / June 362.1068
Jagoda, Andy Seizures 2011 / Feb 617.1
Kubler-Ross,Elizabeth On death and dying: what the dying have to teach doctors, nurses, clergy and their own families 2009 155.937
Marks, David F. Health psychology: theory, research and practice 2011 610.19
Mazurek, Bernadette Evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare: a guide to best practice 2011 362.105
Ng, Vicky Lee Optimization of outcomes for children after solid organ transplantation 2010 / April 618.92
Parrott, Roxanne Talking about health: why communication matters 2009 610.696
Peate, Ian Nursing care and the activities of living 2010 610.73
Rebar, Cherie R. Understanding nursing research: using research in evidence-based practice 2011 610.73072
Reid, Norma G. Research methods and statistics in health care 1987 378.0072
Rolfe,Gary Critical reflection in practice: generating knowledge for care 2011 610.7301
Rovensky, Jozef Dictionary of rheumatology 2009 616.723
RoyalCollegeofNursing Making nursing visible: valuing our contribution to high quality patient-centred care 2011 /June 610.73011
Shields, Linda Perioperative care of the child: a nursing manual 2010 617.98
Stables, Dot Physiology in childbearing with anatomy and related biosciences 2010 612.62
Walsh, Danny The nurse mentor’s handbook: supporting students in clinical practice 2010 610.730699
Weber, Janet R. Nurses’ handbook of health assessment 2010 610.73

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