New Books: Nursing

A selection from the July new books includes some interesting reading – see below

Downing, PJ:  Emergenices in Adult Nursing
Castledine, G: Oxford Handbook of Nursing
Fook, J:  Practicing Clinical Reflection
Marquis, Bessie L: 
Leadership Roles and Management Functions in Nursing, 2012
Miles, J (Dr):   MIMS for Nurses – special supplement, severe allergic asthma
NICE:  Quick Reference Guide – preventing type 2 diabetes
Sellman, D:  What makes a good nurse
RCN:  Route to success – the key contribution of nursing to end of life care.

The Overcoming series: self-help on a range of topics

In the self-help category of the Leisure section we have a range of books which all use cognitive behavioural techniques.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue:   Burgess, Mary, 2009
Overcoming Anger and Irritability:   Davies, William,  2009
Overcoming Low Self-esteem:  Fennell, M,   2009
Overcoming Depression:   Gilbert, Paul, 2009
Overcoming Anxiety:   Kennerley, Helen,  2009
Overcoming Childhood Trauma:  Kennerly, Helen  2009