Weidmann A., Griffiths T., Kingston T.P: July 2010

Referrals, red legs and reflective learning: A 12-month audit of inpatient dermatology referrals at a district general hospital.  Poster presented at conference. British Journal of Dermatology, July 2010, vol./is. 163/(64), 0007-0963 (July 2010)

Future proofing clinical meetings: Demonstrating educational efficacy.  Poster presentation at conference published in British Journal of Dermatology, July 2010, vol./is. 163/(34), 0007-0963 (July 2010)

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Dixon W.G., Watson K.D., Lunt M., Knight S et al: June 2010

An article entitled Influence of anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy on cancer incidence in patients with rheumatoid arthritis who have had a prior malignancy – was published last year on behalf of the British Society for Rheumatology Biologics Register.

Published in Arthritis Care and Research, June 2010, vol./is. 62/6(755-763), 0004-3591;1529-0131 (June 2010)