Brodrick, Darren, Lewis, David, Worth, Andy, Marland, April: Nursing Standard, 27 July 2011

Title: One-page patient passport for people with learning disabilities.
Citation: Nursing Standard, 27 July 2011, vol./is. 25/47(35-40), 00296570
Abstract: People with learning disabilities can have negative experiences in hospitals. One of the key reasons for this is the lack of time available for staff to understand individuals’ needs. this article describes the development and implementation of one-page patient passport, designed to provide individualised information about the person for doctors, nurses and administrative staff. The results from a pilot evaluation indicate that the tool promotes high levels of support for people with learning disabilities on admission to and during their stay in hospital.

Source: CINAHL
Available in fulltext at EBSCO Host
Available in fulltext at ProQuest (Legacy Platform)
Available in print at Staff Library Service Macclesfield District General Hospital; Note: Imperfect

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