Information Governance Toolkit training

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If you want a quiet place to complete the IG Toolkit online training, you can book one of the Library computers.  The link to the toolkit is located in Favourites and staff will be on hand to assist if you have any queries with logging on.

If you completed the training last year, you would have been given a username and password – it will be advantageous but not essential if you can bring this information with you. For username or password queries please contact the IG Team on 01625 663813/ 661625 or email them on

Pre-booking is advised: Telephone 01625 66 1362 to book a space and avoid disappointment.

Cancer tumours change hormonal status throughout disease

New research has found that breast cancer tumours change their hormonal status throughout the course of disease, whereas the decision about the most effective treatment for the patient is usually only based on one biopsy of the primary tumour.

For some patients, biopsy verifications of any relapse will be very important because it may completely change their clinical management, a Swedish researcher will tell the 2011 European Multidisciplinary Cancer Congress today (Monday 26 September).

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Loughran, CF and Keeling, CA : British Journal of Radiology (2011)

This review article was published in British Journal of Radiology (2011) 84, 869-874

Seeding of tumour cells following breast biopsy: a literature review

Needle biopsy of the breast is widely practised. Image guidance ensures a high degree of accuracy. However, sporadic cases of disease recurrence suggest that in some cases the procedure itself may contribute to this complication. This article reviews evidence relating to needle biopsy of the breast and the potential for tumour cell migration into adjacent tissues following the procedure. A literature search was undertaken using Medline, Embase and the Cochrane Library.

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Updated chemotherapy standards will inform new transferable roles

Courtesy of Skills for Health

Following joint working with the National Cancer Action Team (England) and input from UK practitioners, the revised National Occupational Standards (NOS) for chemotherapy and chemotherapy-related pharmacy have been approved by UKCES and the UK NOS Panel. The new standards will shape the development of new transferable roles for chemotherapy practitioners. For guidance on how NOS can be used to enhance service provision, please visit the Skills for Health website.

Setting standards for infection prevention and control

Courtesy of  Skills for Health

Staff involved in infection prevention and control (IPC) are encouraged to share their views on the current National Occupational Standards (NOS) throughout September and October. The associated knowledge and skills are vital to ensure high quality patient care and safety for all within the health sector. The updated NOS will inform future education and training development. Find out more about the consultation from our website.