From the presenter’s perspective … all in a day’s work!

Steve Collman, our latest recruit to the Staff Library team, shares this recent experience with us.

On Monday 12th September 2011, I was giving a presentation to students at Wythenshawe Hospital, explaining  how the library service and I could be of use to them. I’ve given talks before, but this was to at least 100 people, the largest group I’d ever talked to. I travelled there with Sally Price, the Postgraduate Centre Manager of Leighton hospital, who was going to give a longer talk and would introduce me.

As I entered the lecture theatre and saw virtually all of the seats taken, it suddenly became real to me; I was going to speak about my job to all of these people! Sally set up and started her talk, while I waited in the background, until it was my turn. I didn’t feel stressed or nervous; I didn’t have time!  I just listened for my cue, which eventually came up and I stepped forward to say the piece I’d been rehearsing and had already given once to another group. I barely looked at my notes as the information seemed to come to mind easily.  Near the end I asked them to write down my contact details for when they went on placement in the community and then it was over. Sally stepped forward once more while I stepped back again. At this point, the nerves finally took over and made my hands shake so much I had to keep them by my side to stop my note paper rustling.

Afterwards, whilst giving out flyers to promote Leighton’s services, a few students told me that they’d noted my contact details and were looking forward to using my services.  This was extremely gratifying, considering I hadn’t seen anyone write anything down during my talk. I hope to hear from some of them soon.

Contact Steve Collman on 01625 661547 or by email at if you work in the community and would like advice and support.



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