Trust giving voice to campaign

East Cheshire NHS Trust’s Adult Speech and Language Therapy Department is preparing for the launch of the national ‘Giving Voice’ campaign instigated by the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ (RCSLT) to raise awareness of the vital role Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) plays in the lives of people with communication and swallowing needs.

The Giving Voice campaign is designed to ‘give voice’ to people with speech, language and communication needs – to ensure their needs, and those of their carers and families, are met. The aim of the campaign is to demonstrate how speech and language therapy makes a difference to individuals and the broader society across the UK.

East Cheshire NHS Trust’s Adult Speech and Language Therapy Team are launching the national Giving Voice campaign on 18 October 2011 with a display in the hospital main reception to raise awareness of speech and language therapy and their role in the local community

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Nurses – update your leadership skills for free

NHS Connecting for Health courses at various venues

  1. Are nurses slow to innovate and adopt new approaches to delivering care?
  2. Do you know what patients now expect with regard to information?
  3. Do you know how to make sure you are counting apples and not pears?
  4. Are we developing the necessary skills in our workforce for the future?
  5. Could information governance get any more boring yet be so important?
  6. When did patient safety become an IT issue not a clinical one?
  7. Are we prepared for being visible?
  8. Do you understand the potential for changing practice as a result of technology and the consequences?

The Leadership for Informed Practice Programme is for senior nurses and midwives across the whole healthcare system and runs over three days, on various dates, each day approximately a week apart. Various venues are available.

The course is free to attend. Please visit our events website for more information and to book a place.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact

Lightening your load

This tip is prompted by the recent experience of one Library user.

Late one afternoon last week, a member of staff came into the library, bowed down under the weight of several library books. A couple of them were substantial; real heavyweights, the sort which make your arms ache just to look at them.

The books were unloaded on to the counter, in date.  “No fine?” they breathed, beaming with relief and triumph.  “Correct, no fine”, I replied.  “Are you returning them”?  “No, I haven’t finished yet, could I renew them please?”.  Relief turned to chagrin when it was gently pointed out that all you have to do to renew books is to telephone us on 01625 661362 or email us at

Please don’t make the same mistake. Ring don’t wrestle!

Overview of NHS Evidence

This 2 minute video demonstrates some of the features of  “NHS Evidence – relevant reliable, trusted information – all in one place.” 

Watch it and you just might discover something that you weren’t aware of!  Click on the image above to take the 2 minute tour.

If you are a medical student and want to know what NHS Evidence can do for you try this video link by clicking on this image:

BMJ – online learning materials

As a subscriber to BMJ, our users are able to take advantage of a number of training materials.  This includes a range of videos for Best Practice and BMJ Case Reports to aid users in product use. In addition there are some materials suitable for specific groups of medical professionals using BMJ Learning.

Please note these links work best if you have your NHSnet/NHS Mail account open.

Videos for Best Practice
Training Video for Clinicians
Training Video for Medical Students
Training Video for Junior Doctors
Best Practice for Nurses working in Emergency and Acute Critical Care

Videos for Case Reports
BMJ Case Reports website overview
How to write a full text case report
How to submit a full text case report

Recommended Modules for BMJ Learning
Medical students
Junior doctors
Community nurses
Paediatric nurses
Mental health nurses
Psychiatry nurses
Adult nurses


BMJ Case Reports Userguide
Best Practice Userguide
Getting Started with Best Practice
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