News from The Kings Fund: 26 October

Medical Technology Group

Your first choice: the provision of and access to UFE
Uterine artery/fibroid embolisation (UAE/UFE) treatment is a non-surgical interventional radiology treatment which is a less invasive alternative to hysterectomy, with faster recovery time. A survey of English PCTs and acute trust shows significant variation across some PCT areas in the number of women undergoing UFE and found that in some areas UFE was not being routinely commissioned. It includes recommendations for the Government, healthcare professionals, NHS commissioners in order to address the challenges that have been identified.

New appointments to SHA cluster

NHS North of England
(bringing together NHS North West, NHS Yorkshire and the Humber and NHS North East)

Chair – Kathryn Riddle
Chief executive – Ian Dalton

  • Chief Operating Officer – Richard Barker
  • Chief Nurse – Jane Cummings
  • Director of Finance – Mark Ogden
  • Medical Director – Professor Stephen Singleton
  • Director of Workforce and Education – Tim Gilpin
  • Director of Public Health – Professor Paul Johnstone


Sir Peter Carr (Vice Chair)
Sally Cheshire (Vice Chair)
Ian Walker (Audit Chair)
Sarah Harkness
Oliver James
Alan Foster
Peter Fidler
Denis Lidstone

Sir David Nicholson, NHS Chief Executive said: “Clustering SHAs will ensure we have sufficient capacity in the system to maintain grip and momentum throughout the transition period.

“Moving to four clusters will ensure the best fit between our transition arrangements and the future arrangements for the NHS Commissioning Board, which will be organised across the same geographical areas.”

How the Department of Health is changing

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The modernisation of the health and social care system means that the Department of Health (DH) is also changing to reflect its new responsibilities and priorities. As the system leader, DH will be responsible for improving people’s health and wellbeing through its stewardship of the adult social care, public health and NHS systems.

The Department will shape and lead the new health and care system but will no longer be the headquarters of the NHS, nor will it directly manage any NHS organisations.

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