Falls prevention articles

Reducing Falls and Fall-Related Injuries in Acutely and Critically Ill Patients

MA Halm… – American Journal of Critical Care, 2011
Nurses manage competing priorities for these patients, dealing with medically acute conditions and unexpected acute/emergent situations and complications while ensuring the patient’s safety.  These safety needs include protecting patients from falls and fall-related injuries

Not available via Athens but can be ordered if required through inter-library loan request

The National Falls and Bone Health Audit: implications for UK emergency care

J Banerjee, J Benger, J Treml, FC Martin, R Grant… – Emergency Medicine …, 2011

Introduction The National Clinical Audit of Falls and Bone Health, coordinated by the Royal College of Physicians, assesses progress in implementing integrated falls services across the UK against national standards and enables benchmarking between service providers. Nationally, falls are a leading contributor towards mortality and morbidity in older people and account for 700 000 visits to emergency departments and 4 million annual bed days in England alone.

Not available via Athens – see above

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