News from NHS Networks: 3 November

Care Quality Commission will be inspecting a further 50 NHS hospitals and 500 adult social care services as part of its work on dignity and nutrition.
The cold weather plan for England, which aims to protect people’s health throughout the cold winter months, was launched today – the official start of winter.
Carers UK has published a briefing outlining a joint call with over 50 other members of the Care & Support Alliance for action to reform social care
Four new case studies outline how some NHS trusts have trialled a variety of solutions to reduce spend on agency staff.
The Department of Health’s National Institute for Health Research in partnership with Health and Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has announced the creation of a new Clinical Practice Research Datalink service, which will be fully established by 1 April 2012
This report highlights the process of care of children less than 18 years of age, including neonates who died within 30 days of emergency or elective surgery on the same admission. A copy of the Executive Report is available in The Staff Library.
This quarterly report presents provisional results from the monitoring of the NHS stop smoking services in England during the period 1 April 2011 to 30 June 2011.
A major push forward in the implementation of a screening programme for abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA), which will save the lives of thousands of older men, has been launched by health secretary Andrew Lansley.
A survey by the Medical Technology Group to explore the provision of and access to uterine fibroid embolisation (UFE) treatment for fibroids, found significant variation between PCTs and acute trusts in the numbers of women undergoing UFE, and a lack of patient involvment in commissioning fibroid treatments.
Many news sources have reported that a “major review” of the NHS breast screening programme is to take place. BBC News said “the evidence for breast cancer screening in the UK is being reviewed amid controversy about the measure’s effectiveness”.
GPs will be able to prescribe ticagrelor (Brilique), in combination with low-dose aspirin for up to 12 months, for patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS), following final guidance from NICE.

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