Developing and Evaluating Clinical Practice Guidelines: A Systematic Approach

Levin, RF. 
Evidence based Geriatric Nursing Protocols for Best Practice – 4th edn 

Clinical decision making that is grounded in the best available evidence is essential to promote patient safety and quality health eg: guidelines for falls prevention recommend developing a protocol for toileting elderly, sedated, or confused patients …

New Self Care resource



The Health Foundation has launched a new online self management support resource centre. “It is full of information and practical resources that can be adopted and adapted locally to help services and health professionals to develop their own self management support programmes.”


Self Care Week 2011   Self Care Week 2011 started yesterday. Read more »

Kings Fund: Design approach to violence in A&E

Design Council

Reducing violence and aggression in A&E
According to the National Audit Office, violence and aggression towards frontline hospital staff is estimated to cost the NHS at least £69 million a year in staff absence, loss of productivity and additional security. This project aimed to use a design-led approach in order to help reduce violence in A&E departments.

The Kings Fund: Case management

The King’s Fund

Case management: what it is and how it can best be implemented
This report examines how case management can improve delivery of integrated care for people with long-term conditions. It outlines the principles of case management; what the core components are; what the benefits are; and the factors needed for successful implementation of case management.

Trust me I’m a doctor – but should you trust the internet?

The Staff Library will be open in support of the next ‘Health Matters’ public lecture. This will take place on Tuesday 6 December and will be presented by
Dr Robert Stead, Medical Director at East Cheshire NHS Trust.


Entitled ‘A voyage of discovery – patient information on the internet’ the session aims to highlight the benefits and pitfalls of seeking health information on the internet.

The Internet has the largest medical library in the world. With over 100 million visits to the NHS Choices website last year, a recent report by the Department of Health (2010) highlights more patients than ever before are going online to find reliable health information and to self-diagnose.


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Statistics from The Kings Fund: 15 November

Student midwives employment survey

A survey of 803 students and newly qualified midwives by the RCM found that more than a half (52%) of students “strongly agreed” that they were finding it difficult to get a job as a midwife. Nearly three-quarters (74%) said that there were not enough vacancies for the number of midwives seeking jobs and 64% said that they were finding it difficult to get a job in the location that they wanted. Of the respondents, 32% who have started looking for jobs had not secured a midwifery post. Sixty-two percent of students who had not secured a post said they were not optimistic about finding a job as a midwife. More than a third (38%) said they strongly disagreed that there were enough midwifery vacancies for the number of midwives seeking employment.

Extract from The Royal College of Midwives

News from The Kings Fund: 11 November

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Prevention and control of healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) quality improvement guide

The guide offers advice on management or organisational actions to prevent and control HCAIs in secondary care settings. It is aimed at board members working in (or with) secondary care. It may also be of use to senior managers, those working elsewhere in the NHS, as well as those working in local authorities and the wider public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

Broken links – Library web portal

Since the activation of the Trust’s Iron Port security software, we are experiencing some difficulties in gaining access to some trusted sites from our website.  If you should encounter any problems reaching sites usually reached from links on the Library web portal, please let me know by emailing with details of the resource and the page it is located on.

For all other blocked sites please contact Information Governance.

Thank you.


NHS Networks: 11/11/11

Report published by NHS Diabetes calls for more investment in specialist diabetes care.
Six out of ten people with dementia in England go undiagnosed. This means almost 400,000 people could be going without the vital support the NHS and social care services can offer.

News from NHS Networks: Cancer

In its latest draft guidance, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) intends to advise the NHS against routinely prescribing a drug that can be used to delay the growth of a particular type of breast cancer.
NICE has set out recommendations for the treatment of colorectal cancer from diagnosis through to management, ongoing care and support.

Calling all ARTists

Calling all staff with hidden artistic talent!!

There is to be a 2nd Staff Library Art Exhibition on December 13th. If you would like to submit a piece for inclusion – a photograph, collage, watercolour or sketch, then please contact either Carole Keeling (ext 1547) or Angela Donnelly (ext 1362) for further information.

Members of staff, their friends and family who would like to submit works of art or photographs for display are invited to bring them to the library between Tuesday 22 November and Wednesday 7 December 2011.  Accepted pieces must be framed and ready for hanging.

Crotch-Harvey MA: Breast Cancer Research 2011, Poster

Occult breast carcinoma presenting with axillary lymphadenopathy

This poster was included in the Royal College of Radiologists Breast Cancer Annual Scientific Meeting held in Glasgow 7-8 November 2011.

For the full text of this poster please click here.  To view text from all the posters at the event – see below.

Breast Cancer Research: 2011, Vol 13, Suppl 1,


News from NHS Networks: 3 November

Progress report from the Department of Health on the four year plan to improve training for health visitors.
Care Quality Commission will be inspecting a further 50 NHS hospitals and 500 adult social care services as part of its work on dignity and nutrition.
This report focuses on three Health Professions Council regulated professions – chiropodists / podiatrists, occupational therapists, and paramedics – and explores their understanding of what professionalism means and how it develops.   Read more »