Nice news from NICE – the Lancet online

Some excellent news from NICE announced yesterday 20 December. 

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has signed a 3 year agreement to provide staff with access to The Lancet via NHS Evidence ( – the service provided by NICE.From 3 January 2012, every member of staff who is eligible for an NHS Athens password can access the latest online editions of The Lancet, as well as back copies from the last 4 years, removing the need for NHS library services  and  individual members of staff  to subscribe to access The Lancet online – a move which will save time and money and which will provide NHS-wide access to this valued resource.The agreement will also cover healthcare students from an NHS-commissioned education programme involving practice and placement within NHS services across England.

In addition, a free print copy of the Lancet will be sent to your NHS library every month for the next three years, starting with the first issue in January 2012. 

Please share this information with colleagues.  Thank you.

Thatchill J, Whitehead GA: Indian Journal of Pediatrics: Nov 2011

Clotting Screen Requests in Pediatrics


Coagulation parameters are routinely requested among all age-groups in pediatrics to identify abnormalities which may contribute to bleeding manifestations or thrombotic complications. These results are vital especially in the management of sick children although in some cases, they may be helpful in identifying those with inherited bleeding disorders and to confirm or exclude non-accidental injury. Despite the usefulness of these screening tests, it is important that the professionals who are responsible for the care of children interpret the results of these tests in the most accurate manner to avoid unnecessary further investigations and inappropriate management. 

Link to full text

J Thachil… – Indian Journal of Pediatrics, 2011
GA Whitehead Department of Child Health, Macclesfield General Hospital

Report of the national audit of dementia care in general hospitals 2011

Royal College of Psychiatrists

From The King’s Fund: 
This audit has identified a need for significant improvements in hospital ward environments, staff training and the overall approach to care delivery for patients with dementia. Although the majority of wards meet basic safety requirements, it shows that many had not addressed simple measures that could lessen the distress caused to dementia patients by an unfamiliar and confusing hospital environment. It also reveals deficiencies in staff training.

King’s Fund: All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer

Tackling cancer inequalities – one year on
This report calls for the NHS Outcomes Framework to be broadened to include targets for every type of cancer, not just breast, lung and colorectal cancer. It also calls for data on the stage of cancer at diagnosis and the number of patients diagnosed as an emergency to be included in the Commissioning Outcomes Framework and for CCGs to be incentivised to make year-on year improvements against these.