Patient Safety Update: Yorkshire and Humber Health Innovation

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This extract was taken from “Patient Safety Update“, a new e-bulletin informing people of the emerging work and resources developed by the Yorkshire and Humber Health Innovation and Education Cluster Patient Safety Theme.

Situational Awareness Vital Insights (SAVI)

SAVI has been developed by a team of clinicians and human factors experts to help all staff working with patients to be more situationally aware. There are four films focusing on four high risk areas where good situational awareness is central to patient safety: Deteriorating Patients, Prescribing High Risk Medicine, Handover/Safety Briefing and Misdiagnosis.

The films are aimed at healthcare professionals who have direct patient contact. However the films could also be used as part of undergraduate training for nurses and doctors. The first three films are based in secondary care, whilst the last is based within primary care. The films are hosted with support materials on a training website where you can currently view a sample film.

For an initial period while we collect user feedback we can offer SAVI free to trainers (as a DVD with supporting training materials) and to individual students and clinical practitioners via online access (which needs a password). Following this initial trial period we expect to launch the resource more widely later in the year.

To receive SAVI now please e-mail and state whether you are a trainer or an individual.

Patient Safety Training

Help us to plan future patient safety training by filling in this short survey:

Introduction to Patient Safety online training module

Introduction to Patient Safety is an innovative and interactive new online training module for health care staff developed by the Yorkshire Quality & Safety Research Group and theYorkshire and Humber HIEC. The resource will help existing NHS staff to meet their continuing professional development requirements and can form part of inductions for new staff.

The Introduction to Patient Safety training module involves the completion of 5 online units:
• Unit 1: Approaches to error and patient safety incidents.
• Unit 2: The inevitability of human error.
• Unit 3: Case studies – select 3 or more.
• Unit 4: Reflection
• Unit 5: Patient safety multiple choice questionnaire.

The module is free to NHS colleagues across Yorkshire and Humber. Organisations who would like to provide access to this resource for their staff please contact

Quick links to …
TAPS Training and Action for Patient Safety – a practical training programme which involves online learning and multi-professional clinical team action. It engages frontline staff in developing innovative solutions and can be used to deliver results for local safety priorities.
• Emerging results of work with NHS organisations to improve implementation of Patient Safety alerts.
• Our library of patient safety case studies taken from our TAPS programme and Patient Safety Congress 2010 and 2011.



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