UK’s first ever Core Skills and Training Framework

Extract from Skills for Health

Skills for Health is developing a common framework for statutory and mandatory training for the UK health sector, building on work already undertaken in several NHS regions in England. In parallel, consultation is underway with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The core framework will offer the health sector common guidance and standards in this key area of learning for all health sector staff.

A consultation on the demand and support for a Core Skills Framework has just been completed with over 1000 responses. Initial analysis confirms very strong support for this initiative and overwhelming agreement on the need for standardisation. A full report of the analysis is available on our website.

The Core Skills Framework should be available to organisations from April 2012 and will:

  • provide up-to-date and authoritative guidance on minimum required standards
  • help support quality assurance of training
  • enable cost saving through reducing unnecessary duplication of training
  • encourage portability and recognition of appropriate learning.

The benefits of the Core Skills Framework will be further enhanced through use of the Skills Passport system being developed by Skills for Health.

For more information on the framework please contact


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