Are you up for a challenge?

The Staff Library is inviting all staff to discover or rediscover a love of reading via the Six Book Challenge. Starting this month and running through until the end of June 2012, staff are encouraged to sign up to the challenge, which involves reading six books of their choice and writing a brief summary of their response to each book. There will be prizes along the way and entry into the final prize draw, as well as a completion certificate for each reader. We are kicking this event off  with a Book Exchange during the week beginning February 13, where staff can bring any used fiction books to the library to swap for other titles or simply donate, and perhaps meet other interested readers. This will take place each day in the Library’s ‘Spirals’ meeting room between 12:30-1:30pm, although staff can come over any time that week as suits their schedules.

Diabetes UK e-learning programme

Calling all Healthcare Staff

It is a requirement of the NPSA report that all healthcare staff who are expected to prescribe, prepare or administer insulin complete the Diabetes UK e-learning programme

Can you please cascade to all staff in your areas who this may apply to and ensure that they complete the e-learning programme before 31st March 2012

To register for the programme at staff will need their 8 digit ESR staff number found their payslip and will need to prefix this with the Trust number 209

Please follow the 10 steps below to register and access the training:

See with you ESR number and Trust code to hand

  • Select Safe Use of Insulin Module
  • Click on e-learning courses  link
  • Click on “The 111 e-learning module is now available click here to access” button
  • On Welcome Page selectEngland
  • Register for the programme (Login if already registered)
  • Accept terms and conditions box if registering for the first time
  • Input ESR staff number with  209 prefix
  • Complete Learner Tutorial
  • Complete Safe Use of Insulin Modules and deliver safe care

Staff will need 2 hours time to register for and complete the e-learning programme which can be completed using computers available within the Trust’s Staff Library. Further support in accessing the module will also be available if required.

Other elearning modules at this website include:

Online e-learning modules

This week in the Library …… Tinnitus

Tinnitus Awareness Week 2012 runs from 6-12 February, so when you visit the Library this week be sure to check out our stand for leaflets and information.

The British Tinnitus Association are hoping to raise awareness and help GPs to have a better understanding of the services available in secondary care, so as part of Tinnitus Awareness Week 2012 the BTA are encouraging audiology departments to:

  • Put on a meeting or seminar for GPs to inform about the services available at their hospital
  • Go out to GPs meetings to promote their hospital’s tinnitus service

The second and equally important part of Awareness Week will be encouraging BTA members, and indeed anyone with tinnitus or an interest in the condition, to take a copy or copies of our Ten Top Tinnitus Tips for GPs to their local surgery.

If you would like to get involved in raising awareness of tinnitus, please contact You can download our information sheets from this website and if you would be able to hold an event to raise awareness or take copies of the Ten Top Tinnitus Tips for GPs to your local surgery we would love to hear more.

If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact staff in the Staff Library.

The Ten Top Tinnitus Tips for GPs is available to download here.