C Skouras, Thomas Skouras, M Pai, E Zacharakis and D Spalding: Updates in Surgery 2012

Case Report published in Updates in Surgery, 2012

Inguinoscrotal extension of a pancreatic collection: a rare complication of pancreatitis—case report and review of the literature by Christos Skouras, Thomas Skouras, Madhava Pai, Emmanouil Zacharakis and Duncan Spalding

Pancreatitis associated with the extension of a pancreatic collection, pseudocyst or abscess into the groin is a rare phenomenon with few reports in the English literature. Nevertheless, it remains a clinically important differential diagnosis as it may be mistaken for more common pathologies in the groin and with a subsequent unnecessary surgical intervention. A case of this rare complication of pancreatitis is reported, together with a review of the literature.

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