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Whilst visiting the Staff Library in person is often a rewarding and pleasant thing to do, it can sometimes be a disappointing exercise if the book you need is unavailable.  With that in mind it may interest junior doctors and final year medical students that the popular book The Finalist’s Guide to Passing the OSCE  is also available online.

Despite the difficult financial climate, here in East Cheshire we are lucky that our eBook collection continues to grow and the ‘OSCE’ is just one title amongst many that can be easily accessed with nothing more than an internet PC and an NHS Athens account.


The Finalist’s Guide to Passing the OSCE 

Author: Ian Mann

Description:  Performing well in the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) requires sound medical knowledge and a systematic approach to clinical examination. It is the most daunting assessment for medical students.

IN ADDITION: Look out for over 50 new ebook titles focussing mainly on community health and care yet not forgetting additional topics such as: Management, General Medicine, Paediatrics, Personal Development, Women and Children, Nursing, and last but not least Cardiology.

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March news from BMJ

Editorial content from The BMJ
Kim Eva Dickson and Mickey Chopra
Dae Hyun Kim
Chris Ham
Mike Peters and Jenny King
Cathy James
Simon Eaton, Alf Collins, Angela Coulter, Glyn Elwyn, Natalie Grazin, and Sue Roberts
Adam Timmis


Bruce Neal


Andrew D Oxman


Featured article

Anne Gulland

Pay Circular 2012

NHS Employers

Pay circular on Agenda for Change pay rates from 1st April 2012
NHS Employers has published the new pay rates for staff on Agenda for Change contracts, effective from 1st April 2012. The Government has confirmed that staff earning up to £21,000 per year will receive a flat rate pay increase of £250 from 1st April 2012. Other staff will be subject to the two-year pay freeze announced in the emergency budget in June 2010.

King’s Fund news:

Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

Mandatory nurse staffing levels
Despite older people often having the most complex needs, this report suggests they regularly suffer from a severe shortage of nurses and health care assistants (HCAs), coupled with an inappropriate skill mix of HCAs to nurses. It calls for a ‘patient guarantee’, setting out the number of nurses needed on older people’s wards.

Opening the door to the Open University

Online learning resources

The Open University leads the way in developing online learning resources. Here you can discover some of their most popular sites.  Take a look, experiment and share them out amongst your staff, colleagues and friends.

Clinical Evidence Update

In addition to regular updates to systematic reviews and guidelines, the new Clinical Evidence website includes additional educational and practical resources.  Discover more about evidence based medicine.

Estimates of prevalence of this condition vary widely depending on population and study recruitment criteria. What is clear, though, is that the condition is common, and that women with severe prolapse can suffer unpleasant and debilitating symptoms. Our latest update covers important new evidence on hormone treatments and surgical options.

Visit the Clinical Evidence website to see the full review.


For more information on all the above systematic reviews, visit the Clinical Evidence website.

See the new statistics calculator resource.

Public Service news roundup

PM pledges £66m for dementia research
By 2015, the government will more than double the amount of money going into research in dementia

”It’s time for a revolution in elderly care”
Frail older people are being exposed to unacceptable standards of care. say two King’s Fund reports

Huge elderly care study’s mixed messages
People in care homes were much less likely to visit hospitals than those who lived in their own homes

”We’re going to work relentlessly to improve lives”
The Prime Minister David Cameron told the Dementia 2012 conference that he was determined to help hundreds of thousands of families by ”taking the fight to dementia”. Here’s his speech

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