eBooks – a growing online collection

Whilst visiting the Staff Library in person is often a rewarding and pleasant thing to do, it can sometimes be a disappointing exercise if the book you need is unavailable.  With that in mind it may interest junior doctors and final year medical students that the popular book The Finalist’s Guide to Passing the OSCE  is also available online.

Despite the difficult financial climate, here in East Cheshire we are lucky that our eBook collection continues to grow and the ‘OSCE’ is just one title amongst many that can be easily accessed with nothing more than an internet PC and an NHS Athens account.


The Finalist’s Guide to Passing the OSCE 

Author: Ian Mann

Description:  Performing well in the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) requires sound medical knowledge and a systematic approach to clinical examination. It is the most daunting assessment for medical students.

IN ADDITION: Look out for over 50 new ebook titles focussing mainly on community health and care yet not forgetting additional topics such as: Management, General Medicine, Paediatrics, Personal Development, Women and Children, Nursing, and last but not least Cardiology.

If you would like to update your skills on searching and managing ebooks using the MYiLibrary platform, please contact us on 01625 66 3923 or email us at ecn-tr.stafflibrary@nhs.net

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