Best Practice updates for March

Featured updated topic: Assessment of Hypercalcaemia
Hypercalcaemia is caused by either primary hyperparathyroidism or malignancy, in the vast majority of instances. Other aetiologies are numerous but uncommon, including, for example, granulomatous conditions or dietary causes. In Assessment of hypercalcaemia, a diagnostic approach to hypercalcaemia is described, along with overviews of the clinical findings for each differential diagnosis, and links to related full topics describing treatments.  Read the full article here

Updated Best Practice topics

Cardiovascular disorders
Overview of acute coronary syndrome
Tricuspid stenosis

Critical care medicine
Hypercalcaemia (assessment of)


Erythema nodosum
MiliariaInfectious diseases
Chlamydia pneumoniae infection

Renal tubular acidosis
Acute interstitial nephritis

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Assessment in Medical Education and Training: A Practical Guide 

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Teaching Made Easy: A Manual for Health Professionals

Strategies for Healthcare Education: How to Teach in the 21st Century

Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine

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Learning Medicine: How to Become and Remain a Good Doctor

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Britton E; Saravanan R; Koss K; Nelson E, Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis, February 2012

Journal: Conference abstract

An audit of IBD care: Are we up to standards? A patients perspective

Citation: , vol./is. 6/(S144-S145), 1873-9946 (February 2012)

Author(s): Britton E.; Saravanan R.; Koss K.; Nelson E.

Institution: (Britton, Saravanan, Koss, Nelson) Macclesfield District General Hospital, United Kingdom

Abstract: Background: IBD is estimated to affect approximately 400 patients per 100,000 population. A UK wide audit in 2006 demonstrated a wide variation in the quality of care provided. As a direct result a Working Group, was formed to recommend national standards for IBD care. The audit cycles on an annual basis to asses each units adherence to the standards of: A. High quality clinical care B. Local delivery of care C. Maintaining a patient-centred service D. Patient education and support E. Information technology and audit F. Evidence-based practice and research [1] While the national audit is able to adequately assess certain aspects of the standards. We sought to demonstrate how the use of a patient survey can complement the national audit to assess our patients understanding of their disease, access to education/support and overall satisfaction.

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