All together now: Current awareness and horizon scanning bulletins

In a typically hectic working day people often find it difficult to find the time to stay up-to-date.  How do you know what is happening in research, in development, changes to practice or in legislation? In an attempt to make this easier  we have published current awareness links on many of our individual pages to make it easy to access all that information in one click.  Our current awareness bulletins summarise for the readers’ convenience, the latest specialist news from numerous reputable sources.

It is our hope that this benefits the reader and ultimately supports patient care.

As from today it should be even easier to find this information as all our bulletins and feeds are listed on the Welcome page.  If you haven’t seen them before – take a look now and see what you have been missing …. and then tell your colleagues!

Look out for some additional feeds which have joined this collection:

Breast Feeding, COPD, Emergency Care, End of Life, Musculoskeletal, Nursing, Patient Experience, Rheumatology and Stroke.

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