Focus on UK Clinical Guidelines

There are a number of UK organisations who write and publish guidelines but the main ones include:

Doctors from have collated a directory of clinical guidelines that have been recently published by the above organisations and similar reputable organisations.  Not everyone agrees with guidelines – for a fuller discussion on the pros and cons of guidelines, see the folowing series of articles written in the British Medical Journal.

The role of school nurses in providing emergency contraception services in educational settings

Royal College of Nursing (RCN)

The role of school nurses has extended to provide emergency contraception and advice on sexual health to school-age students in education settings, following OFSTED’s report on sex and relationship education in schools (2006). This updated RCN position statement aims to clarify the responsibilities of school nurses when they are providing emergency contraception to students in education settings. It also highlights the importance of appropriate training, experience and working together with education providers and looks at the laws around providing emergency contraception to under 16s and the duty of confidentiality.