Lung Cancer; Conference Abstract; Creech L.; Clayton K.

The comprehensive lung cancer nursing service
Citation: Lung Cancer, January 2012, vol./is. 75/(S37), 0169-5002 (January 2012) Author(s): Institution: (Creech, Clayton) East Cheshire NHS Trust, Macclesfield District General Hospital,

The Macmillan Lung Cancer Nursing (MLCN) service at East Cheshire supports patients throughout their journey from pre-diagnosis to specialist palliative care.

The MLCNs are clinical nurse specialists with advanced nursing practice, they provide advice and assessment on all aspects of care, through all treatment modalities.

The MLCN are present at the breaking of significant news and oncology clinic. They run two nurse led clinics per week for the follow up of patients with a confirmed diagnosis of lung cancer. There is also a Lung Cancer support group for patients to engage in peer support.

The MCLN support the primary and secondary care colleagues in all aspect of symptom management and patient support Conclusions: The MLCN service is underpinned by a patient centred approach. Ensuring all aspects of Living with Lung Cancer are covered for the patient and ensuring excellent quality end of life care, whether at home, hospital or hospice. Close links and excellent communication ensures the patient is well supported and informed at any stage in their journey.

Conference Information:
10th Annual British Thoracic Oncology Group Conference, BTOG 2012
Dublin Ireland.

Publisher: Elsevier Ireland Ltd
Publication Type: Journal: Conference Abstract

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