Guidance at a glance on your smartphone

Guidance at a glance on your smartphone.

The official NICE Guidance app is available to download now for users of Android and iPhone smartphones.

The free app allows quick and easy access to all of NICE’s recommendations and advice, and has been developed in response to demand from users of NICE guidance.

Aimed at healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses and medical students, the app allows users to search, browse and explore all of the guidance produced by NICE.

More than 760 pieces of NICE guidance are contained, such as clinical guidelines on COPD, hypertension and stroke, and the app is automatically updated whenever access to the internet is available.

Guidance is arranged by clinical or public health topic, and particular sections can be bookmarked for easy access, or sent via email.

Other features include receiving automatic updates and new guidance as soon as it is published on the NICE website, adjustable font size for readability, and the ability to ‘swipe’ between chapters when looking at guidance.

The NICE Guidance app works on Android Smartphones, Apple iPhones and iPod touch running IOS 4.3 and above. It can be downloaded from Apple’s iStore and the Android Market.

What is a Cochrane Review?

In 2009, according to the Cochrane Library usage data that

“Every day someone, somewhere searches The Cochrane Library every second, reads an abstract every two seconds and downloads a full-text article every three seconds.”

If you’re a little unclear about Cochrane or systematic reviews and care enough about evidence based medicine to find out more, then go to Cochrane Reviews | The Cochrane Collaboration. Discover how they support healthcare staff to make the most informed decisions based on the latest evidence.

The Cochrane database of systematic reviews is included when searching NHS Evidence at


BMJ: Learning module on Anticoagulants

Maintaining patients on anticoagulants: how to do it.

This is just one of many learning modules available from BMJ Learning, which can be added to a learning portfolio. You need to subscribe at
BMJ Learning offers high-quality CME/CPD and postgraduate training for doctors and other healthcare professionals. It features hundreds of accredited, peer-reviewed learning modules in text, video, and audio formats.