What’s New in NHS Evidence

HDAS redesign – see what’s new

The redesigned NHS Evidence Healthcare Databases search is now live. The redesigned site is the result of feedback from ongoing engagement with HDAS users and addresses a number of priorities identified. This feedback will also continue to inform future developments of HDAS.

Faster, more reliable performance

Issues were identified that were causing failures in HDAS and slowing down performance.  The new HDAS will deliver a faster, more reliable service.

Clearer design and style

Research suggested unnecessary changes to HDAS should be avoided and build on the familiarity users have developed with it. The current design means many users were unaware of some of the functionality available to them so the new design builds on the existing layout and makes it easier to use including;

  • Extra navigation options to make it easier to move around the system
  • The need for scrolling within a screen is minimised
  • A clear separation of the map to thesaurus and browse thesaurus options to minimise confusion
  • Search history can be collapsed or expanded to allow users to choose the most suitable display of search results
  • ‘User Help’ will be relevant to the tasks and functions being used.
  • Guides to the coverage and search features of the different databases are available when users are selecting the database they want to use.
  • Details of all the fields available for searching in a database are just one click away from the search screen.
  • Any issues with database availability are flagged on the database selection screen

Context sensitive help and advice

Improved thesaurus layout and functions

The thesaurus screen has been redesigned it now features;

  • Clearer display of thesaurus hierarchies and selection options
  • Better navigation and interaction between thesaurus and search screens

Changing databases made easier

It is now quicker for users to change databases; there are more flexible options for running previous searches on the new database.

Applying limits

  • A link has been added to the search history display to help users apply limits to a search they have already performed
  • Scrolling is no longer necessary to view limits options

Search preview feature

The site now provides a running count of the number of results a search will retrieve as users adjust their search terms, fields and limits. This will help users to avoid errors and tailor their search to match their needs.

If you need any assistance in using the new layout, please contact us on:
01625 66 1362 – Carole or Steve will be please to help.

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