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Swine flu vaccination results in Lancet Infectious Diseases

Results from an NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA) programme H1N1 swine flu project published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases, shows that the vaccination programme introduced in Scotland in October 2009 had a positive effect in reducing the number of hospital admissions and deaths.  [more…]

Map of Medicine – local update

Local news spotlight: 
Mission possible – care pathways in Trafford’s pathfinder CCG

Trafford has set up a process to design care pathways, and implemented governance procedures so that the Map is a “business as usual” resource for local clinicians. The development of information specific to the area, along with the ease of access to this information, has been described as a smarter way of working which can only mean benefits for the public in the long term.

The ability to localise pathways has been extremely valuable to Trafford … Read full article>>

Also publishing local care maps on the Map of Medicine this month were:
Blackburn with Darwen, Derbyshire, Devon, Exeter, NHS East Lancashire, Leeds, Liverpool, North Devon, North Mersey, North Yorkshire & York, Peninsula, Plymouth, Southampton, South Devon, Sussex, Tees, Worcs, West Lancs CCG


NHS North of England raises questions over East Cheshire FT bid | HSJ Local | Health Service Journal

BMJ 29 JUNE, 2012

STRUCTURE: The regional director of NHS North of England has warned of risks connected to the “long-term requirements” of the trust’s local population, in relation to its bid for foundation status.

Commissioners NHS Cheshire, Warrington and Wirral recently confirmed that they had decided to support an independent bid by East Cheshire to become a foundation trust.

via NHS North of England raises questions over East Cheshire FT bid | HSJ| Health Service Journal.

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AQuA Latest Edition | Issue 20 July 2012

Inside this edition you will find:

• AQuA Holds Its Second Member Annual General Meeting

• AQuA At The NHS Confederation Event 2012

• AQuA & Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust Host Targeted Improvement Workshop In Manchester

• Mental Health AQuA Improvement Methodologies Course Is Launched

• Avoiding Unnecessary Hospital Admissions And Inappropriate A&E Attendances Of Children & Young People With Long Term Conditions

• National Shared Decision Making WebEx’s

• Health Foundation Opens Second Round Of Improvement Science Fellowships

• Reducing Mortality Programme

• IHI Open School Licences

• A New Role For Finance In Quality Improvement: Cohort 2

• Focus On Commissioning – New Programme

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New NICE Clinical Guidelines: June 2012

Clinical guidelines and technology appraisals published in June by NICE

  • CG141   Acute upper GI bleeding     Clinical guidelines
  • CG142   Autism in adults             Clinical guidelines
  • TA257   Breast cancer  (metastatic hormone-receptor) – lapatinib and trastuzumab (with aromatase inhibitor) Technology appraisals
  • IPG428   Extracorporeal membrane carbon dioxide removal Interventional procedures
  • TA258   Lung cancer (non small cell, EGFR-TK mutation positive) – erlotinib (1st line)   Technology appraisals
  • TA260   Migraine (chronic) – botulinum toxin type A Technology appraisals
  • TA259   Prostate cancer (metastatic, castration resistant) – abiraterone (following cytoxic therapy)  Technology appraisals
  • CG143   Sickle cell acute painful episode    Clinical guidelines
  • CG144   Venous thromboembolic diseases  Clinical guidelines

to view any of the above please click here: NICE guidelines