New NICE Clinical Guidelines: June 2012

Clinical guidelines and technology appraisals published in June by NICE

  • CG141   Acute upper GI bleeding     Clinical guidelines
  • CG142   Autism in adults             Clinical guidelines
  • TA257   Breast cancer  (metastatic hormone-receptor) – lapatinib and trastuzumab (with aromatase inhibitor) Technology appraisals
  • IPG428   Extracorporeal membrane carbon dioxide removal Interventional procedures
  • TA258   Lung cancer (non small cell, EGFR-TK mutation positive) – erlotinib (1st line)   Technology appraisals
  • TA260   Migraine (chronic) – botulinum toxin type A Technology appraisals
  • TA259   Prostate cancer (metastatic, castration resistant) – abiraterone (following cytoxic therapy)  Technology appraisals
  • CG143   Sickle cell acute painful episode    Clinical guidelines
  • CG144   Venous thromboembolic diseases  Clinical guidelines

to view any of the above please click here: NICE guidelines

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