Something to celebrate

With less than a week to go before leaving his current placement in School Health, Tom Challinor has not one, but two things to celebrate. Firstly his move to Central Essex Community Care Trust to take up a new post as a Community Staff Nurse and secondly having his first article published in “Wound Essentials”.

Tom’s evidence based piece on “Uncovering the evidence on Larval Therapy” was written as part of his degree module on Tissue Viability, as recommended by Maureen Benbow, Senior Lecturer at the University of Chester.

“It took about 2 weeks to gather the evidence and write up and I really valued the 24/7 access to the library” said Tom.  Part of the brief was to ensure the article was of up-to-date evidence-based practice thus appealing to a wide audience – professionals, students and the general public.  It was also a learning experience for Tom as he gained an insight from reading other writing styles, which in turn, enabled him to write at a higher level.

Now he wants to do more writing and already has plans for another 2 articles.  Still focussing on wound care, Tom intends to research the efficacy of honey.  After that he will turn his attention to managing pain for patients with chronic wounds, drawing from the perspective of pharmacology and tissue viability.

Altogether this is not a bad start for our 3rd year student from University of Chester who is very much looking forward to the next stage in his career.  Amongst his future aims, Tom hopes one day to secure a place on the peer review panel of Wound Essentials, where it all began.

You can read the full-text (PDF) version of Tom’s article at: