Hunter, John D; BMJ Online; June 2012

This article, “Ventilator associated pneumonia” by John D Hunter, Consultant in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care, was published in BMJ (Online), June 2012, vol./is. 344/7859, 1756-1833 (02 Jun 2012)
Institution: (Hunter) Department of Anaesthetics and Critical Care, Macclesfield District General Hospital, Macclesfield SK10 3BL, United Kingdom
Language: English
Country of Publication: United Kingdom

Summary points

  • Ventilator associated pneumonia is the most common healthcare associated infection in intensive care

  • The condition is associated with increased morbidity, mortality, length of stay, and costs

  • Lack of a “gold standard” definition leads to both under-diagnosis and overdiagnosis

  • A high clinical suspicion of pneumonia in a ventilated patient should prompt the immediate administration of an appropriate broad spectrum antibiotic(s)

  • Implement evidence based interventions that reduce the incidence of pneumonia in all patients receiving mechanical ventilation


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