The Cochrane Library new search functionality

On 15 September 2012, Wiley will be introducing an improved search interface for The Cochrane Library. The new search features have been customized, developed and tested in consultation with members of the Cochrane Collaboration’s Search Testing Group. There will be a phased implementation with some additional features being added in phase 2, shortly after the initial launch.

Users will see major changes to the layout of search pages and will soon be able to use new search features including:

•             Auto-suggest features within both basic and MeSH search functions

•             Updated display of search results and filtering options

•             Ability to view search terms and results on the same page

•             Ability to insert lines and add one search to one another

•             Improved MeSH look-up feature

•             Hover-over Tool Tips giving a brief explanation of the functions

All previously saved searches will be transferred onto the new search platform, with no action required on the part of users HOWEVER we strongly suggest that you make a hard copy back up of any complex or important searches as a precaution. You can Export any Saved Searches in Cochrane, or for smaller searches, a screenshot may be adequate.

More information is available online including a PowerPoint demonstration outlining the new features at:

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