SUPREMO congratulations to Radiology

supremo_logoExcellent news and many congratulations to our Radiotherapy Department


who have recently come 12th in the world (out of 182 sites) for numbers of patients recruited, as published in the latest newsletter from the SUPREMO (radiotherapy) Trial.   

Extract from Newsletter

Every little helps!
Recruitment figures have dropped slightly in the last few months so we need your help to boost recruitment over the coming weeks to ensure we meet our target of 1600 patients. We have now received approval to continue recruiting until February 2013.
As we are now in the final stages of recruitment we ask that you approach any eligible patients as soon as possible to see if they wish to take part. Patients should be approached when radiotherapy would normally be discussed. Once the informed consent form has been signed the patient should be randomised into the trial.

Randomisaton can be prior to, during or after post-operative chemotherapy as long as the patient starts radiotherapy within 6 weeks after completing post-operative chemotherapy.

Please remember that protocol waivers can sometimes be issued for patients who are slightly outwith the specified time frames so please get in touch with the Supremo trial study team to ask if this is the case.

Please refer to attached eligibility flowcharts to aid in identifying potential patients.

Remember that all sites with approval for v29 of the protocol can now include eligible neoadjuvant patients into the trial.

Please approach the trial study team with any eligibility questions that you may have to ensure your patients don’t miss out.

Holiday cover
Please note the randomisation line will be closed from 24th December – 7th January 2013.

Any patients approached during this period can be randomised when the lines re-open.
Thank you for your hard work on the trial so far.
Your continued efforts will ensure the success of the SUPREMO trial.
SUPREMO Accrual Progress
SUPREMO Accrual to 12 November 2012
Supremo has recruited patients in 19 countries worldwide. 155 of 183 sites opened have recruited patients.

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