Summary of news from Health and Social Care News

Young people have hospital only mentality
Twenty five per cent admit they would call an ambulance when a trip to the doctor would suffice

NHS trusts to spend on new IT systems
50 per cent of trusts are looking to invest in either an electronic patient record or portal solution

Darlington care home fined for medication
A care provider that failed to comply with national standards has been fined £4,000 by the Care Quality Commission

Emergency ambulances ”use first-aiders”
Medical staff with basic first-aid training are being used instead of fully-trained paramedics

New SEN legislation ”needs improving”
Government must consult more with parents and young people on its new programme for children with special educational needs

A force for revolution 
Does the NHS Commissioning Board have what it takes to break down resistance to NHS reforms? Matthew D’Arcy reports from Public Service Events’ Digital by Default conference

Pilot projects focus on severe mental illness
The government wants to prioritise mental health ”like never before”, says Norman Lamb

”Give people surgeon performance data”
The public should get greater access to data on the performance of individual surgeons working in the NHS

NHS must be a seven days a week service
”We have got outpatient departments that are empty, operating theatres that lie fallow,” says Sir Bruce Keogh

£500m Tamiflu spend to be investigated
MPs asked Public Accounts Committee chair Margaret Hodge to look into if the NHS got it wrong

Burnham slams coalition’s record on NHS
We’re losing the NHS and that’s why we will keep stepping up the fight for it, says shadow health secretary

Cash for research – patients will be the real winners
Patients are set to benefit from more efficient delivery of highly effective new therapies tailored to their needs, writes Hilda Kalap, Technology Strategy Board communications manager

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