Singhal R.; Dheerendra S.K.; Charalambous C.P.; Waseem, M; Medical Ultrasonography; June 2012

This article published in Medical Ultrasonography was co-authored by
Dr Dheerendra and Mr Waseem from East Cheshire NHS Trust.

Ultrasound examination of the shoulder conducted by orthopaedic surgeons in the diagnosis and treatment of shoulder conditions is increasingly reported. Shoulder ultrasound is not a mandatory component of postgraduate  orthopaedic training in the United Kingdom. The aim of this study was to assess the effectiveness of the shoulder ultrasound teaching workshop administered to postgraduate orthopaedic surgical trainees.

Citation: Medical Ultrasonography, June 2012, vol./is. 14/2(120-124), 1844-4172;2066-8643 (June 2012) 

Available via Proquest


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