The King’s Fund: Information overload: tackling bureaucracy in the NHS

NHS Confederation

nhsstructure_post_2013A useful paper which lays out clearly the challenges faced by the new NHS structure post April 2013.

This report aims to bring about a reduction of the bureaucratic burden on the NHS to help organisations focus on securing the best patient care. It calls on the Department of Health and arms length bodies to take action to tackle this issue, following a review of progress made to reduce bureaucracy in the health service.

Quality in the new health system: maintaining and improving quality from April 2013
This final report from the National Quality Board sets out how quality will be maintained and improved in the new health system. It focuses predominantly on how the new system should prevent, identify and respond to serious failures in quality.

Supporting planning for 2013-14 for direct commissioning
This document describes the processes that will be used to support planning for the next financial year. It aims to support the NHS Commissioning Board’s national, regional and area teams to ensure that every plan is as strong as it can be, by designing an approach that achieves national consistency and improves quality and equity of access to services. This should be in the context of local priorities and in conjunction with CCGs and local health and wellbeing boards.

The way forward: clinical senates
This publication provides an overview on clinical senates and their role within the new healthcare system. It outlines the membership of clinical senates; how they will work with commissioners; and the accountability and governance structures surrounding them.

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