Prostate Cancer Awareness month: 1-31 March 2013

prostate_cancerMarch is Prostate Cancer Awareness month and listed below are a number of useful websites, where additional information and resources may be found.  If you require assistance with researching this or any other topics, please contact the Staff Library on 01625 66 1362 or by email to

eResources and websites:


Cancer Research UK  (Prostate Cancer)
The websites on cancer listed below are valuable sources of detailed information on cancer. This is an extract from Cancer Research UK

Prostate Cancer UK

Offers information and support to anyone with concerns about prostate cancer. Has a helpline and leaflets (send a large stamped addressed envelope please) and funds research into prostate cancer. Has a website with helpful information.

Helpline: 0800 074 8383

Prostate Cancer Support Federation
This organisation was set up by a group of men with prostate cancer in 1995. They run a helpline and a website and have local groups around the country. It use to be called Prostate Cancer Support Association (PSA).

Helpline: 0845 601 0766

This website gives a new gateway to reliable information on the web about prostate cancer. The site is jointly funded by the Department of Health and the signatories of the Prostate Cancer Charter for Action – Cancer Research UK is a member of this group and one of the funders of this project. The aim of the site is to improve access to good quality information about prostate cancer. The site directs you to information for patients, health professionals and people with a general interest.


Prostate Action
A website with a message board and chat room for people with prostate cancer, their friends and family, and carers. It offers emotional support, and information about research and treatment both in the UK and internationally.


The Prostate Brachytherapy Advisory Group
Brachytherapy is a particular way of giving radiotherapy for prostate cancer. This website has a section for patients to tell you where brachytherapy units are in the UK. And there is information on getting funding for this treatment from your health authority.

Prosdex website
The prosdex site contains a tool to help patients decide whether to have particular tests for prostate cancer. It also has a section to help men decide which treatment for early prostate cancer may suit them best. It has been developed by researchers in Cardiff and funded by Cancer Research UK




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