How can hospitals be more accessible and autism friendly for children?

ambitious_about_autismJessica Fuhl writes in Today in Healthcare (The Guardian)

Ambitious about Autism, the national UK charity for children and young people with autism, were contacted by East Cheshire NHS trust who wanted to know ideas and thoughts on this issue. 

Visit the Ambitious about Autism website to see what it’s all about.

Where has the Staff Library gone?

New Alderley House

Moving on


If you visit Education and Training you may be surprised to find that the Staff Library moved to new premises  over the weekend.  Over 320 boxes were used to transport the reduced book stock to our new home on the 2nd floor of New Alderley House.  Many of our older books were given away free to anyone who could make use of them which was a good result.

The Library will be closed for 2 more days in preparation for re-opening on WEDNESDAY 13 MARCH.  We are looking forward to seeing you in our new library space soon (turn right at the top of the stairs).  The first new visitors will each receive one of our new bags to mark the occasion.