NHS Constitution: Better training, better care

newsletterBetter training better care, issue 6, February 2013  – latest newsletter from the NHS Constitution

“In this edition of BTBC News, we look at our ‘Role of the Trainee’ project and the exciting prospects it contains –
including the chance for doctors in training to make their mark on the NHS training landscape via the Inspire Improvement! funding”

The King’s Fund: News for March

Lifecourse tracker: wave 1 spring 2012: interim summary report
This report is a summary of the first stage of research that records how health behaviours vary across life stages. It forms a baseline against which changes in behaviour over time and seasonal variations can be assessed and also informs the Department of Health’s social marketing strategy.

Living well for longer: a call to action to reduce avoidable premature mortality
This discussion paper aims to challenge and inspire the health and social care system to take action to reduce the numbers of people dying prematurely.

Cardiovascular disease outcomes strategy: improving outcomes for people with or at risk of cardiovascular disease  
This strategy document provides advice to local authority and NHS commissioners and providers about actions to improve cardiovascular disease outcomes. It sets out outcomes for people with or at risk of cardiovascular disease in line with the NHS and public health outcomes frameworks.