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Title: Acute liver failure in an obstetric patient: challenge of critical care for 1 patient with 2 subspecialty needs.
Citation: Critical Care Nurse, Feb 2013, vol. 33, no. 1, p. 48-56, 0279-5442 (February 2013)
Author(s): Castello, Holly, Schoch, Lisa, Grogan, Tracy A.
Source: BNI
Full text: Available EBSCOhost at Critical Care Nurse
Title: A new model for preconception care in women with diabetes
Citation: Journal of Diabetes Nursing, Feb 2013, vol. 17, no. 2, p. 56-61, 1368-1109 (February 2013)
Author(s): King, Paru
Source: BNI
Title: Spontaneous vaginal delivery or caesarean section? What do Turkish women think?
Citation: International Journal of Nursing Practice, Feb 2013, vol. 19, no. 1, p. 1-7, 1322-7114 (February 2013)
Author(s): Atan, Senay Ünsal, Duran, Emel Tasci, Kavlak, Oya, Donmez,
Source: BNI
Title: Normal birth and its meaning: a discussion paper
Citation: Evidence-Based Midwifery, Mar 2013, vol. 11, no. 1, p. 16-20, 1479-4489 (March 2013)
Author(s): Clews, Claire
Source: BNI

Extract from HCS Care Coordinating

HCS Care Coordination Service to Focus on Reducing Preventable Hospital Readmissions

(May 7, 2013)

“East Cheshire NHS Trust is to partner with HCS, to help drive forward the development of integrated care across Eastern Cheshire’s Health and Social Care system. The HCS Care Coordination service will provide expert assistance to the Trust to support the delivery of integrated care as a key partner in Eastern Cheshire’s Caring Together Program, which aims to commission and deliver patient-centred joined up, pro-active care services.

Samantha Nicol, Caring Together Program Director at NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group, commented: “Our aim is for improved care for our local population in all areas: clinical, the care pathway and the experience for patients. In addition, we wish to improve the experience for the professional staff delivering that care. Working with HCS provides an opportunity for us to take advantage of a significant amount of expertise and resource that aligns completely with our Caring Together vision and which will help us deliver the success we are looking for.”

The HCS Care Coordination service will focus specifically on work at East Cheshire NHS Trust aimed at reducing the number of preventable hospital readmissions. This focus will involve project support to help the Trust develop appropriate clinical leadership and governance arrangements, as well as assistance in implementing two HCS Care Coordination service modules, Re-admissions Manager and MobileCare. These modules will be enabled by Net.Orange’s clinical Operating System (cOS™), a real-time cloud-based big data platform, which forms part of the HCS Care Coordination solution.

The first module, Re-admissions Manager, will allow East Cheshire NHS Trust to significantly reduce preventable hospital readmissions by identifying high-risk patients, enhancing the management of discharge planning, and supporting more effective transitions of these patients to non-acute care settings. The second module, MobileCare, will support pro-active management of patients across boundaries in all care settings — primary, acute and community — through applications running on handheld devices that can be used by clinicians, practitioners and members of multi-disciplinary teams both within the acute setting and when visiting patients at home.

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BMJ topics: 2 May

Measles and stroke show why healthcare must innovate   Trevor Jackson


Keeping hand hygiene high on the patient safety agenda   Sheldon Stone, Graziella Kontowski, Rose Gallagher, Julie Storr, and Louise Teare
Measles in the UK: a test of public health competency in a crisis    Felix Greaves and Liam Donaldson

Understanding patterns in maternity care in the NHS and getting it right
  Lucy C Chappell, Catherine Calderwood, Sara Kenyon, Elizabeth S Draper, and Marian Knight

Orlistat: should we worry about liver inflammation?
   John Wilding

Recognising and responding to victims of human trafficking
   Sharon Doherty and Rachel Morley

Making it Real tools

Extract from The King’s Fund

Think Local Act Personal

Making It Real tools
The Making it Real programme encourages organisations that pay for or provide social care services to get real about improving people’s lives. These tools have been produced in order to support this programme and include practical examples of what organisations are doing to transform their services, in partnership with the people who use them and will help people to understand and engage in the personalisation of the care and support agenda.