Just the thing for junior doctors

The Staff Library would like to welcome all the new F1 grades to the Trust and highlight some of our resources which might be of particular interest.

Here are some sample titles:

  • Effective interaction with patients
  • The hands on guide for hospital doctors
  • Curriculum for the foundation years in post graduate education and training
  • Making sense of your medical career
  • Individuals guide to career development in healthcare
  • Doctors communication handbook
  • The reflective healthcare team
  • Making it in British medicine
  • The foundation programme
  • Getting into GP training
  • Difficult conversations in medicine

In addition to the above we stock the following journals:

  • DSCF0274Archives of Disease in Childhood
  • Archives of Disease in Childhood Education and Practice edition
  • Archives of Disease in Childhood: Fetal and Neonatal edition
  • British Journal of Surgery
  • Clinics in Developmental Medicine
  • Health Service Journal
  • Journal of Analytical Toxicology
  • Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine
  • The Lancet
  • Medicine
  • MIDIRS Midwifery Digest
  • Nursing Standard
  • Nursing Times
  • Surgery

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