BMJ Best Practice modules: Focus on Labyrinthitis


A reminder to check out this excellent resource from BMJ Best Practice.  In this module looking at Labyrinthitis which if you weren’t aware is an:

  • Inflammatory condition affecting the labyrinth in the cochlea and vestibular system of the inner ear.
  • Viral infections are the most common cause of labyrinthitis. Bacterial labyrinthitis is a complication of otitis media or meningitis.
  • Typical presentation includes vertigo, imbalance, and hearing loss.
  • Diagnosis is supported by history, physical examination, and audiometry.
  • Treatment is typically symptomatic and primarily involves the use of vestibular suppressants and anti-emetics.

Best Practice is very helpful and provides further information on basics, diagnosis, treatments, follow up and recommended resources. Remember to register for an Athens account in order to gain full access to all the BMJ sites.

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