Nagy M.T.; Hla S.M.; Keys G.W. BMJ Case Reports

Late Streptococcus bovis infection of total knee replacement complicated by infective endocarditis and associated with colonic ulcers.

Citation: BMJ Case Reports, June 2013, 1757-790X (05 Jun 2013)
Author(s): Nagy M.T.; Hla S.M.; Keys G.W.

Abstract: Streptococcus bovis is rare cause of late infections after total knee replacement (TKR). This report presents a case of confirmed late septic arthritis following TKR caused by S bovis that was further complicated with infective endocarditis resulting in aortic valve insufficiency in an immune-competent patient. As an association between S bovis and gastrointestinal malignancies is suggested, a workup for such malignancies was performed that revealed non-malignant ulcers in patient’s ascending colon. The patient is currently recovering from his aortic valve replacement surgery and is scheduled to have annual colonoscopies. His knee joint has improved; however, he developed constant pain because of underlying chronic infection in the affected joint and has
difficulties mobilising. Therefore, a revision TKR is considered but postponed until he fully recovers from his heart valve surgery.

Copyright 2013 BMJ Publishing Group.

Publication Type: Journal: Article
Source: EMBASE

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