Nursing Technology Fund Success for East Cheshire NHS Trust

Extract from NHS England article

In October 2012 the Prime Minister announced the establishment of a Nursing Technology Fund to support nurses, midwives and health visitors to make better use of digital technology in all care settings, in order to deliver safer, more effective and more efficient care.  The funding was to be allocated to providers in two rounds. The first round, for £30m, was for funding to be spent in FY13/14.

East Cheshire’s application was one of 226 received from a total of 139 Trusts. Following evaluation by a panel of senior nurses, 75 Trusts have been awarded funding totalling almost £30m for 86 projects.  A list of successful applications is available to download.


  • Accelerating Integrated Care and improving Nursing Agility and Care Quality with mobile working  – £734,97
  • Bedside e-Observation System  – £725,030


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