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Scenario from BMJ Learning – what would you do?

A 6 week old baby is examined at his baby check. His legs appear to be the same length but he has asymmetrical leg creases. You perform Ortolani’s test and feel a clunk. What is likely to be going on? If you are not sure, then this module should help. Click on the link to complete it today:

How to do the infant physical examination at 6-8 weeks (baby check)

And here are our most popular modules in emergency medicine for you to complete:

Chest pain of recent origin – assessment and diagnosis: in association with NICE

Early management of adults with an uncomplicated first generalised seizure

Epilepsy – in association with NICE

15 Minute Massage in the Library

Week beginning 12 May is ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ and the library is supporting this by providing therapies to support staff wellbeing. These will include head/foot massage, reflexology and others. These free taster sessions with qualified therapists will take place in the library on Monday 12 May, from 10am-2pm. Everyone welcome to come along to the library and be de-stressed!  Refreshments also available along with quick guides to help you cope with anxiety, depression and related issues.

Please contact the Staff Library for further details on Ext: 1362 (01625 661362).

Caring Together – initial engagement ends soon

Extract from Staff Matters

The initial engagement process for Caring Together finishes on Wednesday (April 30th).  It is vital that you have your say, both as a trust employee and as a user of local healthcare.

Caring Together is an alliance of all of the area’s health and social care providers. It is working to create a joined-up service across the whole of Eastern Cheshire, with the aim of improving everyone’s wellbeing.

But before any changes are proposed or made, people’s views and aspirations for health and social care are being sought. More information can be found:

Grand Round 30 April 2014

The next Grand Round will take place on Wednesday, 30th April 2014, with a presentation by Dr J Hunter, entitled ‘Fluid Therapy’.

The lecture takes place at 1:00pm in the lecture theatre, 1st Floor, Macclesfield District General Hospital. It will be preceded by a hot buffet from 12:15pm, this meeting is sponsored by Ashfield Healthcare. Due to only having one sponsor, the food will be limited.

The following Grand Round will take place on Wednesday, 7th May 2014 with a presentation by the Medicine (Resp/Cardio/Gastro/COE) team.

Publishing success

We are grateful to Terry McLoughlin, CT2 Emergency Medicine Trainee, currently on rotation at East Cheshire for taking the time to visit the Staff Library recently with this update.

Originally from Liverpool, Terry has previously worked in inner city locations but since February 2014 has been gaining experience in a rural setting, treating adult and paediatric patients in Macclesfield’s A&E department.

Formerly a professional rugby player, Terry has swapped tackling his opponents for tackling the publishing world and has seen one of his articles published in the Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing. The article looks at new capnography equipment used in anaesthesia.

Terry acknowledged the help and support of colleagues in A&E and the literature search assistance provided by library staff which had been so useful. As a regular night shift worker, Terry thought the Staff Library’s 24/7 service was an excellent feature and one his colleagues would appreciate.

Next on Terry’s agenda is a trip to Canada in June, where he will be presenting research at the ISPOR 19th Annual International Meeting (Montreal) entitled ‘Low incidence of venous thromboembolism in mobile populations’.  This builds on experience gained while working at the Royal London Hospital in 2012 during the London Olympics.  At that time the Royal London was the main tertiary hospital for the Olympic village.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish Terry every success when he returns to familiar pastures in his next placement at Liverpool’s Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Article:              Disposable D-Lite Sensors; T F McLoughlinC S Hopkins
International Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing 03/2014; DOI:10.1007/s10877-014-9568-

Presentation:     ISPOR 19th Annual International Meeting; Montreal, Canada; June 2014
‘Low incidence of venous thromboembolism in mobile populations’.
Presenters: Emmanuel, Mullish and McLoughlin