Van Der Ploeg, N; Hamer, D; European Journal of Surgical Oncology, May 2014

Breast care clinical nurse specialist led follpw up for patients who have undergone breast cancer surgery and have annual mammography

European Journal of Surgical Oncology, May 2014 vol/iss 40/5/(636), 0748-7983

Source: Embase

Abstract: Patients have annual mammograms for six years post diagnosis of breast cancer, they are seen within one hour of having their mammograms by a clinical nurse specialist, for clinical examination, results of mammography and follow up. The aim of the study was to evaluate whether patients were satisfied with the service or whether the process was more stressful than returning two weeks later for the results at a further appointment and whether they would prefer to see a doctor rather than a nurse. Method: The data was collected via questionnaire completed by the patient after they have attended for the follow up visit. All responses were anonymous. Results: Data was collected for one month in September 2013, 100 questionnaires were completed. This included patients who had undergone wide local excision, mastectomy +/- reconstruction of the breast. 100% of patients were very happy to be seen by a breast care specialist nurse. 100% of patients valued the service and found it less stressful having one visit to the hospital and receiving the results on the same day, 96% felt that any concerns were addressed at the consultation, 4% had no concerns.

Conclusion: Receiving mammogram results within one hour of having the mammogram significantly reduces level of anxiety in patients and seeing a breast care specialist nurse results in a very high level of patient satisfaction.

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