Diabetes Week: 8-14 June 2014

Diabetes Week is Diabetes UK’s annual awareness and fundraising week.  Taking place from Sunday 8 to Saturday 14 June, thetheme is ‘I Can’.


Here are some useful website links to reputable sites:


Recent search articles from NHS Evidence:

Why do young adults with Type 1 diabetes find it difficult to manage diabetes in the workplace?

Author(s) Balfe, Myles, Brugha, Ruairi, Smith, Diarmuid, Sreenan, Seamus, Doyle, Frank, Conroy, Ronan
Citation: Health & Place, 01 March 2014, vol./is. 26/(180-187), 13538292
Publication Date: 01 March 2014
Source: CINAHL
Patients with diabetes in cardiac rehabilitation:attendance and exercise capacity.

Author(s) Armstrong MJ, Martin BJ, Arena R, Hauer TL, Aggarwal S, Sigal RJ
Citation: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, May 2014, vol./is. 46/5(845-50), 0195-9131;1530-0315 (2014 May)
Publication Date: May 2014
Source: Medline
Hormone replacement therapy for women with type 1 diabetes mellitus (The Cochrane Library)

Liz Mackay , Lynn Kilbride ,et al.  Online Publication Date: June 2013


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