Best Practice updates for March

Featured updated topic: Assessment of Hypercalcaemia
Hypercalcaemia is caused by either primary hyperparathyroidism or malignancy, in the vast majority of instances. Other aetiologies are numerous but uncommon, including, for example, granulomatous conditions or dietary causes. In Assessment of hypercalcaemia, a diagnostic approach to hypercalcaemia is described, along with overviews of the clinical findings for each differential diagnosis, and links to related full topics describing treatments.  Read the full article here

Updated Best Practice topics

Cardiovascular disorders
Overview of acute coronary syndrome
Tricuspid stenosis

Critical care medicine
Hypercalcaemia (assessment of)


Erythema nodosum
MiliariaInfectious diseases
Chlamydia pneumoniae infection

Renal tubular acidosis
Acute interstitial nephritis

Map of Medicine latest highlights

The latest evidence
Map of Medicine monitors over 150 guidance producers, and constantly searches over 3,000 sources for the latest meta-analyses and systematic reviews, enabling healthcare professionals to stay abreast of changes through a single resource. Over 40 care maps have been updated with the very latest evidence in our current issue, including:

Acute coronary syndrome: two new pieces of guidance from NICE incorporated. Ticagrelor added as a treatment option for selected patients. Management of hyperglycaemia, including testing, provision of information and lifestyle advice added for people with poor glycaemic control. 

Atrial fibrillation: new restrictions and monitoring requirements for the use of dronedarone in patients with atrial fibrillation, following MHRA Drug Safety Update.

Caesarean section: newly updated NICE recommendations including information on indications for caesarean section, including maternal request; and provision of evidence-based information and support for women.

Contraception: newly updated recommendations from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH) on emergency contraception and combined hormonal contraception.

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