Listening to music helps reduce pain and anxiety after surgery, review shows

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Listening to music before, during, or after surgery notably decreases patients’ pain and anxiety and reduces their use of analgesic drugs, a review published in the Lancet has shown

Use of music has a long history of improving patients’ experience of being in hospital, and studies have shown positive effects on postoperative recovery. But no comprehensive review has previously studied its use in different types of surgery and at different stages of procedures

Spine Surgery in Children and Adolescents

Acetaminophen Improves Analgesia but does not Reduce Opioid Requirement After Major Spine Surgery in Children and Adolescents.

from Spine
Author: Hiller, Arja MD; Helenius, Ilkka MD; Nurmi, Elisa MD; Neuvonen, Pertti J. MD; Kaukonen, Maija MD; Hartikainen, Tuula RN; Korpela, Reijo MD; Taivainen, Tomi MD; Meretoja, Olli A MD

Publication Date: POST ACCEPTANCE, 11 June 2012