Iyer S.; Collum J.; Babores M; Ear Nose and Throat; March 2014

Descending necrotizing mediastinitis: A conservative approach
Citation: Ear, Nose and Throat Journal, March 2014, vol./is. 93/3(E11), 0145-5613 (March 2014)
Author(s): Iyer S.; Collum J.; Babores M.


Descending necrotizing mediastinitis (DNM) is a now-rare complication of dental and pharyngeal infections. Reports in the literature have emphasized the need for early, aggressive surgical intervention. We present a case of DNM with bilateral empyemas that arose secondary to a perforated pharyngeal abscess. The patient was successfully managed conservatively with intravenous antibiotics and intercostal drainage. We conclude that conservative management with antibiotics and image-guided percutaneous
pleural drainage may be initially appropriate for the stable patient.

Publication Type: Journal: Article

Source: EMBASE

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Lakhanpal A.; Watters C.; Hughes C.; Iyer S.; Babores M. Thorax; Dec 2013

Outpatient management of pulmonary embolism-patient characteristics and outcomes. 

Citation: Thorax, December 2013, vol./is. 68/(A145), 0040-6376 (December 2013)
Author(s): Lakhanpal A.; Watters C.; Hughes C.; Iyer S.; Babores M.


Management of Pulmonary Embolism (PE) has been until recently largely in-patient based and markedly affects length of stay in these patients. Recent evidence suggests that suspected or confirmed cases of PE can be managed out of hospital. We present our experience of outpatient management of PE in a small district general hospital.


We identified 35 patients investigated/treated for PE as outpatient
between March 2012 and June 2013. Demographic and clinical data was collected from case notes. Statistical analysis was performed on Medcalc based on normality.

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