Huge holograms offer medics more memorable classes

See BBC News for the full article 18/6/13

“A system which uses giant holograms to help medical students master their subject has been pioneered by two London-based junior doctors.

They have demonstrated a 3D graphic of a kidney measuring 4m (13 ft) to demonstrate renal function at a “test lecture” last week.

It was one of a series of animations they are developing.”

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Virtual surgery: dissecting a digital cadaver

In this BBC video at St Mary’s Hospital in London you can see the recently purchased digital anatomy table, the first of its kind in Europe.

The same length and size as a normal dissection table, the “cadaver” on the screen of the Anatomage table is a virtual body, created using a mixture of graphics and real CT scans of the body.

Surgeon Aimee Di Marco demonstrated how it is changing the way surgeons teach anatomy, and even plan real operations.

Vinnie Jones stars in CPR AD campaign with new advice

Extract courtesy of the BBC  4 January 2012

The British Heart Foundation is urging people not trained to perform CPR to forget “mouth-to-mouth” and to concentrate on chest compressions when faced with an emergency situation.  The new advice is being communicated in an advertising campaign featuring footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones.    See the video at:

What do you think about this article – do you agree with the advice given?


NHS whistleblowers helpline launched

Extract from the BBC website

A free helpline for whistleblowers in the NHS and social services is to be launched on Sunday 1 January 2012.  The move is part of Health Secretary Andrew Lansley’s drive to ensure staff can raise “genuine concerns” about standards “without fear of reprisal”. But a whistleblowers’ group said the announcement was an “admission of failure” that existing internal processes were not working. The helpline – 08000 724 725 – will be provided by the Royal Mencap Society.

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