General practice should be recognised as speciality in UK, leaders argue

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General practice leaders have called on the government and the General Medical Council to correct the “anachronistic anomaly” whereby GP postgraduate training remains unrecognised as a medical specialty in the United Kingdom.

In a joint statement,

GP leaders from the BMA and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) from across the four UK nations said that this recognition was “long overdue” given the rigorous training and examination that GPs undergo.

News from NHS Employers

BMA agree to negotiations on junior doctors contract
The BMA Junior Doctors Committee has announced today (22 July 2013) that it is willing to negotiate with employers on a new contract of employment for junior doctors.

Updated guide to community pharmacy published

NHS Employers, the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee and the General Practitioners Committee of the BMA have published an updated guide to community pharmacy.

News selection from the BMJ

BMJ 2013;346:f3129 (Published 16 May 2013)

BMJ 2013;346:f3114 (Published 14 May 2013)


BMJ 2013;346:f2716 (Published 14 May 2013)

BMA releases doctors’ guide to medical ethics dilemmas

Extract from NHS Networks

Such dilemmas could include whether serious but unproven allegations of patients’ violence and abuse should be recorded in their medical notes, or whether doctor should tell people if their partners are HIV positive.

Everyday Medical Ethics and Law, extracts the practical advice on everyday ethical dilemmas found in the BMA’s more extensive ethics handbook, and presents it as a reference guide in paperback format.

It summarises best-practice standards, legal benchmarks and advice from expert organisations on areas such as the doctor-patient relationship, consent, capacity, confidentiality and the management of health records.

Feedback from medical graduates

Extract from British Medical Association (BMA)

Cohort study: 2006 medical graduates
This longitudinal study of medical graduates of 2006 finds that more than one in four junior doctors feel they do not have the time to deliver the quality of care that patients deserve. It also highlights problems with staffing shortages and rising levels of stress.

BMA seeks a new start on pension dispute

Adrian O’Dowd  Friday, 29 June 2012

The BMA is seeking an urgent meeting with health secretary Andrew Lansley to discuss the pensions dispute before it decides on further industrial action.

Following a debate at this week’s Annual Representative Meeting in Bournemouth, during which delegates voted for more industrial action, the BMA council met and decided it would seek an immediate meeting with Mr Lansley as a first step.


Doctors reject assisted suicides – The Independent

Doctors have rejected calls to take a neutral stance on assisted suicide.

Delegates to the British Medical Association’s annual conference in Bournemouth yesterday restated their opposition to assisted dying, with one doctor likening it to murder.

They decided that a change in their position would send the wrong message.

The Healthcare Professionals for Assisted Dying (HPAD) had called for the BMA to move its position from opposition to “studied” neutrality. HPAD’s chairman, Professor Raymond Tallis, said assisted dying should be a matter for society as a whole and not just the medical profession. He called on the BMA to adopt a neutral position on a change in the law.

via Doctors reject assisted suicides – Health News – Health & Families – The Independent.

BMA opposes Health and Social Care Bill

British Medical Association (BMA)

Why the BMA is opposing the whole bill
This briefing outlines the BMA’s position on the Health and Social Care Bill and in particular, their concerns in relation to the bill.

Extract from the King’s Fund 9 Dec 2011

Home Office

Advancing transgender equality: a plan for action
This document sets out the Government’s vision and focus on equality for transgender people. It includes commitments that aim to make a difference to people’s lives.